Euro 4-1 Ring        


A BEEutiful ring for all occasions. Elegant enough to match any outfit, and comfortable enough to wear every day. A great addition to any jewellery box.


Brontee Bee supports local sustainable small businesses if it is Brontee Bee approved you know it is thinking about the future of all.

All of Conchobar’s Chainmaille Creations is from a small Australian Local Artist and are hand made one ring at a time.

Made of lightweight, non-reactive metals, they require very little cleaning, just some soapy water every now and then.

All items are completely customisable with the time of waiting advised for receiving your design.

  • Size and colour can be easily changed
  • And small alterations in construction can provide a thicker, sturdier look, or a smaller, more elegant design.

When you order the artist will be advising you the expected costs with postage and any extended waiting time delay if customised and your approximate mail delivery date. So enjoy being sustainable and stylish.



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