Biodegradable Compostable Paper Pot Maker-Medium


To offset your carbon footprint from shipping we donate to our local men’s shed

Medium –  Postage $9.95 standard

Proudly Australian Made

In keeping with Brontee Bee’s ethical and environmental values these are a limited stock item, made by local men shed member. While we may have some available you may have to submit an order by email.


  • Simply to use
  • Renewable resource, clean recycled wood
  • Ideal size and strength to hold soil, seed and plant while they are establishing
  • This minimises transplant shock
  • Comes in small or medium pot size, about the same size as a plastic tube stock
  • All patterns will differ due to wood grains

1 in stock (can be backordered)



When seedlings have grown to the height stated on your seedling pack, plant directly into the ground keeping the seedling in its pot, this prevents root disturbance which can kill some seedlings. As the pot biodegrades into the moist soil it will provide nutrients to strengthen your plant and help it grow.

When you buy this product, you are supporting local small businesses.

Postage will depend on weight and your location, please contact by email with your postcode.





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