Brontee Bee exclusive Bent Straw -Single


Brontee Bee exclusive Bent Straw

So bee trendy and help the planet at the same time

Are you aware the damage Plastic Straws make in our environment? The Oceans, Seas, Beaches, Rivers and our Community?

Approximately 10 million straws a day are used in Australia alone!

These figures are mind blowing but think about how many straws this means in a year ….. READY….. 36,500,000

These do not break down and are often found in our rivers, seas, oceans, on beaches and inside stomachs of our birds, fish and other and sea life.

We can stop this simply by using reusable straws which can be placed into dishwashers, Brontee Bee ask you to make this change and where ever you go say “NO PLASTIC STRAW PLEASE !! I HAVE MY OWN”  Tuck in your bag in its own cute calico pouch and carry everywhere you go.

Businesses will get your message loud and clear.

200 in stock


Size 6mmx215mm

1 x Colour Rainbow

Made from 304 Stainless Steel

This is the highest grade steel for your health

Single straw –  plus postage




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